Electric & Electronic Maintenance, Legal guarantee period, Extended Warranty Time, The Best Insurance Coverage



International Group specialised in Warranty Management,  for Brands, Manufactures  Big Distribution company in Informatics and home electronics appliances.

Electric & electronic maintenance

Ours is a rational, sustainable, efficient organisation that uses on-site, on-centre and pick-up and return methodologies for after sale maintenance activities. Furthermore, we are leaders in the design of CRM and applications able to manage rapidly, safely, and punctually all of the requests for after sale maintenance.

Legal guarantee period

Project regulation of warranty in accordance with the Consumer laws. Management of specialized technicians networks, for informatics, electronics devices and home appliances. Spare parts store management. Logistics after sale services.

Extended warranty time

Personalized extended warranty for Manufactory firm and Big Distribution Companies in Europe. The extension of the repaired protection of electronics products, thanks to an insurance cover that over time renews all of the maintenance and after sales services guaranteed by the manufacturing firms.

The best Insurance coverage

Risk management on extended warranty, all coverage with Top insurance companies.

Customized coverage for the products and after sale services.

Why Wesgroup Warranty Europe Services

• Company of International Group

• 18 Years experience in Warranty Management

• Flexibility and Quality

• Customized services

• Economic Solucions